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Counseling is one of ASTI's greatest assets and strengths.  For its student body of 170, ASTI has a dedicated college counselor that works with students to plan their early college program and work through the 4-year university application process.  Over the course of the four years students interact with the counselor through whole-class presentations in the evening, classroom presentations/drop-ins, and individual meetings.  As a students progresses, these interactions become increasingly focused on the college application process. Focus topics include the personal statement, financial aid/scholarships, eligibility requirements, SAT/ACT exams, and many more.

The counselor is also available to students for all other personal, social, and academic concerns.  Students utilize the counselor as a source of support, understanding, and advocacy during times of personal distress.  The counselor coordinates 504 meetings, SST meetings, and other student support the enlists the collaboration of parents/guardians.


College Information Night Presentations

Senior Info Night Presentations

Junior Info Night Presentations

Sophomore Info Night Presentations




College Application Resources

College Research Resources

Schedule Planning Documents:

  • COA Course Catalog

  • 2-year planner

  • Requirement Summary: HS Graduation, UC 'a-g,' and IGETC

Enrollment Resources:

Additional Important Resources: