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While enrolled in college courses during their 11th/12th grade years, ASTI students continue to enroll in a minimum of 4 high school courses on the ASTI campus.  These courses include a range of electives designed to support and enrich the student's early college high school experience.



Seminars are student-focused courses in which teachers act as facilitators and students work in small groups on college coursework.  Seminars include Writing Seminar, Math Seminar, Science Seminar, and Foreign Language Seminar.



Leadership is an elective course in which students plan social and enrichment events for the student body.  The Associated Student Body (ASB) works with and within Leadership to plan large and small scale activities for students.  The leadership courses is currently taught by the ASTI counselor.


Current Life:

Current Life is an AUSD high school graduation requirement.  The curriculum includes exploration of a wide range of topics pertinent to young adults.  These include bullying, depression, drugs/addiction, reproductive health, personal finance, and more.



Course Materials  


Writing Seminar Syllabus

Math Seminar Syllabus

Digital Photo Syllabus


Advisory Syllabus


Current Life Syllabus

Humanities Seminar



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