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Weekly Announcements 5-20-2020
Posted 5/20/20

Seniors: If you did not fill out the ASTI senior survey, please fill it out by Thursday, May 21st:  You will not be given your high school diploma or final high school transcript unless this survey is complete.

11th graders: Join a Zoom with Ms. Jurkovich next Wednesday, May 27th at 1:30pm to get information on what you should do this summer to prepare for college admissions in the fall:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 840 4722 2432

Password: 8atjMD


Seniors and all!  Follow this link for a special message from the Oakland A’s to the Class of 2020:


ASTI Students: It is time to exercise your voice and elect your student representative to the Alameda Board of Education! Check your school email for your ballot.  One vote per email is allowed.  The elected representative will serve a term of one year June 2020 until June 2021. This position calls for punctuality, organization, professionalism, public speaking and organization. The responsibilities are to attend and report out on ASTI events & updates at monthly Board of Education meetings and cast their student voice votes on selected items. Board Policy requires that student representatives be elected in a ranked choice voting system.  This means that rather than voting for only one candidate, you will rank them in your order of preference.  The highest ranked candidate overall will win the election. The election will close next Monday May 25 at noon. 

Yearbook is excited to announce that we will now be accepting applications for the next year! If you have ever wanted to use your art or photography skills to contribute to the ASTI community, now’s your chance. In Yearbook, you will practice digital art and use a DSLR camera to design and create pages for our very own yearbook. We welcome artists and photographers of all levels, as long as you are committed to Friday meetings and working throughout the school year. Apply and send in a sample page through this google form by May 22nd at 6pm.

Email  if you have any questions! We look forward to receiving your applications.”


Peralta recently announced that classes will be online for the fall semester.  Students who have registered for fall classes will start to see in-person classes transition to online.  Peralta is in the process of transitioning classes from in-person to online over the next few weeks.  Some classes will move fully online, meaning you work on your own throughout the week, and others will be moved to hybrid, which means the course will still be online, but you will be required to attend online classes at certain days and times.  Continue to monitor your class schedules on Passport to view any changes/adjustments to your fall schedules.


Peralta Pass/Fail Grading Option:  Students enrolled in a Spring Peralta course may request a Pass/Fail grading option in lieu of a letter grade through their professor.


Transcript requests: If you need a transcript, please ask the institution requesting it if an unofficial electronic version will suffice until Shelter-in place is lifted.  Send all transcript requests to Candie Krasky at


All Students: You are required to check your district email twice a day while we are sheltering at home due to COVID.  Please remember to do this. 


Seniors who will earn AA degrees: College of Alameda will hold a virtual graduation ceremony on Friday May 22. If you wish to participate, there are a number of items to submit and deadlines to meet. Follow this link for information:


ASTI Parent Teacher Student Association Updates While student leaders fill most officer positions in PTSA, by law three positions must be filled by adults: President, Treasurer, and Auditor. I am happy to thank the two parents who have stepped forward to be Treasurer and Auditor next year. We still need a President for 2020-21, and hope that a parent or guardian in our community is interested in this invaluable opportunity to contribute to your child’s school. ASTI PTSA needs to fill these positions before June to remain in compliance; the current officers would also like to provide mentorship and training for their replacements while still in office. Here are the duties:


• Oversees and coordinates the work of the executive board to run a PTSA effectively 

• Presides at PTSA board and attends Alameda PTAC meetings 

• Serves as the official contact, communicator and representative of PTSA 

• Designated as an authorized signer for PTA checks, contracts and authorizations for payment 

Please email the current president Dianne Woon


College Textbooks: Campus remains closed due to COVID -19.  Unfortunately, in line with state regulations, we will be unable to lend students any textbooks for summer college courses.


As a reminder, here is the ASTI schedule of high school Zoom meetings and office hours for AUSD Distance Learning:








12:45 - 1:20

Per. 1

Per. 3

Office Hours,

Student Survey,

Tutoring  & Clubs

Per. 5

Independent Work Time, Tutoring & Clubs



Work time/ Transition

Work time/ Transition

2:25- 3:00

Per. 2

Per. 4

Per. 6