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Exemplary Student Work

The ASTI Staff is extraordinarily proud of the work its students do each and every day in their pursuit of their college goals.  This page will include a regular 'featured piece' as well as an archive of past work.  We invite you to explore a few of the examples of our students' work and hope you enjoy them as much as we did!


Featured Piece:

The following piece was written by a student in Tracy Corbally’s 9th grade English course and represents an ‘Echo’ of a descriptive piece students read in class. Students focused on the use of descriptive language in the style of the original author.


    My family and I all have distinct hair textures. My father has thick, wiry hair that coils in every direction. It’s as messy as untrimmed grass because he doesn’t bother to comb it- unless he has to go someplace special. It was his trademark "mad scientist" hair, as his best friends used to call it. His hair was the face of his methodical madness. I have frizzy, unruly hair that always looks uncombed. If I leave it down too long, it will puff up like dough and yeast. It refuses to cooperate with me. Because of this, my hair lives most of its life rolled up in a bun, twisted in a knot until I get home.


    My mother’s hair is soft, curly, and healthy, despite the endless bleaching and dyeing- just like she’s strong and collected after all the beatings her life has given her. Sometimes it’s blonde, sometimes its red, but most of the time, it’s light brown. Light brown like hot chocolate, a luxury on days lacking warmth. She has a short, asymmetrical haircut that is usually kept up in a messy ponytail because of her busy job. She has perfume scented hair that makes her easily identifiable- I always know when she’s there. Her hair is the smell of roses in a meadow on a breezy day- a meadow I can walk through with ease, a meadow where the comforting scent can drench my soul.


Additional Examples:


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