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ASTI Schoolwide Announcements

December 19th, 2017


RISE Theme for December is EMPATHY: “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.” Brene Brown


Go Green Tip: Your computer may go to sleep, but it's still sucking up energy. Turn your computer and monitor off at the end of the day.


No Place For Hate December Resolution: I pledge  from  this  day  forward  to  do my  best  to  combat  prejudice  and  to stop  those who, because of hate or ignorance, would hurt anyone or violate their civil rights.  


11/12th graders:  Please be in the quad at 7:45am on Tuesday, January 16th to pick up your Spring 2018 ASTI schedule.


Conduct on the COA Campus: COA staff recently showed me a rolling chair and a large piece of wood that ASTI students pulled out of the refuse pile over to behind portable 4, 5, and 6.  It appears that students sat in the chair and used the wood (which had a shiny reflective surface) to light photos. I was also told that students pulled items out of that refuse pile to create a skateboard ramp recently. Students, both ASTI and COA adults understand that you are enjoying yourselves, and we only ask that you

  1. Do NOT do these things during classes
  2. Do NOT play in the driveway
  3. Always wear a helmet and be safe
  4. If you move something, put it back where you found it
  5. Park Lime Bikes responsibly.  ASTI students may not ride Lime Bikes around campus during classes. ALL ASTI students riding Lime Bikes around campus at lunch or before/after school must have helmets & park the bike responsibly when done riding (do not block sidewalks, roadways or disabled access).

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in all students losing these privileges on the ASTI and COA campuses.  Please remind your classmates of this if you see them disregarding these guidelines. 


Thank you to everyone who helped donate to the canned food drive! Your generosity is well appreciated!! As it was a competition, CAN you guess who won? *drumroll...* Congratulations to the freshmen class for donating the most cans to the canned food drive! The hot cocoa party will happen when we come back from winter break.


ASTI Prom now has a GoFundMe! If you can donate any amount you can help us by using the link: It will also help tremendously if you can share this to your family, friends, and people you know. Any questions can be answered by Yongqi Kuang.


Posted by: Connie Chapman Published:12/19/17
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